About us

Involved, driven and honest – that’s what the solicitors at MannaertsAppels are. We are a regional and modern law firm in which entrepreneurial solicitors cooperate for and with entrepreneurial clients. We provide advice, litigation and organise matters for our clients. We provide fast, practice-oriented solutions.


Within our company, we divide our activities in the sections liability and physical injury, labour law, business law and real estate. Specialists of the different sections work together with each other to arrive at the best possible advice. We work in the Netherlands and abroad. We have international law experts in our team, allowing us to approach each international issue with the same professional competence. Where necessary, we employ the services of external experts to provide our clients with an even better service.

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Establishing a trusting relationship that centres on cooperation is what MannaertsAppels strives for. We achieve this through genuine contact, understanding all the various factors at play and listening to our customers. Our solicitors are more than legal advisors. We are entrepreneurs. We think and feel involved with our clients and are genuinely interested in them. Additionally, we value using our knowledge for the betterment of society. Our solicitors are active and involved in the region and, as such, not only make the difference for entrepreneurs, but also for society as a whole.


To fulfil the role of trusted advisor, it is essential to not only think within the judicial framework, but also outside of it. As such, we consistently consider matters from the perspective of the entrepreneur, thus providing added value to the entrepreneur. In this, we identify the needs of our relationships and anticipate what their needs might be in the future. Through our blogs and hands-on, on-site presentations, it is our aim to manifest ourselves more strongly in the region. Being transparent and creating clear expectations regarding the progress of a case is a fundamental aspect of our approach. This is the only way to develop a trusting relationship that will allow us to make a difference – as a company and with our people.