Liability, damage and insurance

Liability and damage compensation encompasses various fields. Think of the possibility of being held privately liable for business-related matters as an entrepreneur or director and professional liability within or outside of contracts. The solicitors of MannaertsAppels will provide assistance in the event that you are held accountable for damage that another party suffered or if you would like to claim damage compensation from another.


Adequate and with attention to detail

Our approach is characterised by speed and practical achievability. We act adequately but with attention to detail, adopting a pragmatic approach to your case, in which we always create clear expectations of the case’s expected progress. In this way, we ensure that our clients are always aware of what could (potentially) lie ahead. A solution need not always involve a legal conflict; we will also consider other forms of solutions in cooperation with you, searching for a solution that works for you.

Liability damage

A particular specialism of MannaertsAppels within the field of liability is a physical injury. Since matters are often complicated in situations relating to physical injury, we have in-house specialists for this. Our solicitors are LSA-certified; a quality label that only 300 solicitors in the Netherlands have. In physical injury situations, we always adopt a realistic approach, thus creating calmness and clarity for the victim. Thanks to the short lines of communication within our own office and the connections we have with independent experts, we are able to achieve optimal results for our clients.


There are various insurances – such as policies that provide coverage or insurance for entrepreneurs – that can be used to cover claims of liability and/or damage compensation. Of course, we will investigate your insurance coverage, if you are being held accountable for damage or have been on the receiving end of damage yourself. However, we also provide preventative advice to avoid the high costs of liability determination.

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