Real estate

The real estate section centres on construction, destination plans, licences and planning damage from sale to rental. Our solicitors provide advice regarding all these legal aspects. They are also active in the field of tenders, assisting both the contracting authorities and applicants in the tendering procedure. Because we understand the entire construction process, we are capable of providing our clients with thorough, relevant advice.


Cost-chance analysis

The drafting of a transparent trajectory is central to MannaertsAppels’ approach. We make sure you know what to expect along every step of the way. As such, the cost-chance analysis is a standard part of our working method. Our solicitors consider it important to act concretely and clearly, so that you know what to expect. Therefore, we do not work with expansive judicial documents, but rather, a clear A4-sized explanation.

Negotiating and litigating

We try to avoid litigation by consulting with the involved parties and searching for negotiation opportunities wherever possible. If this doesn’t succeed and you decide to litigate, we will do our utmost to achieve the most beneficial results for you. We are always honest when estimating your chances. If we doubt your case will win, we will advise you not to proceed with the case but search for a compromise instead, saving you time and unnecessary costs.