Business law

The business law practice of MannaertsAppels is as diverse as entrepreneurship itself. Within the business law section, MannaertsAppels is concerned with fusions and takeovers, liability, cooperative partnerships and agreements. On top of this, our solicitors constantly stay up to date with the latest developments in business law. Think of matters such as IT agreements, intellectual property and the role of privacy and the protection of personal details within organisations.


Trusted advisor

The combination of a legal and a practical approach characterises the business law section. Our specialists are not only solicitors; they also understand the world of the entrepreneur. This results in the search for solutions that are not only legally sound, but which also consider the commercial interests of organisations. Clients can count on an approach that is suitable to their practice. Over time, we have developed a bond of trust with many clients. Thanks to this role as trusted advisor, we are even more capable of providing added value to our clients.

Litigation experience

In addition to our extensive knowledge of the business world, our experience with litigation contributes to a thorough approach for customers. We know which statements will appeal to the judge and which won’t. We take this into consideration in all our advice. Additionally, our solicitors are regularly given the role of bankruptcy curator by the court. We are able to look at cases from various perspectives, because we also understand this side of entrepreneurship too.