Labour law

Labour law applies to all situations in which people are working. Whether you are an entrepreneur, fulfil the role of HR manager in an organisation or are in paid employment, you will always have to deal with aspects of labour law. Consider aspects such as illness and reintegration, company reorganisations and work conflicts, but also dismissals, labour conditions and flexible labour relationships. On top of that, labour laws and regulations are constantly changing. We provide advice and assistance in all areas of labour law.


Involved and competent

MannaertsAppels approach is expertly and practically aligned with your organisation. For each case we’re involved in, our solicitors are focused on finding a solution that works for our clients. Inventiveness and decisiveness play a large role in determining the strategy we adopt. Wherever possible, we try to avoid litigation by consulting with the opposing party with the aim of finding a solution together. When this doesn’t work, we do our utmost to achieve the best results for you.

Advice regarding labour questions

You can turn to us for advice regarding your labour-related question and obtain practical assistance relevant to your situation. We can draft documents for you and assist you in understanding the consequences of particular actions you are considering. On top of this, we continuously remain up-to-date with the developments in labour law and proactively provide our clients with advice regarding these developments. In this way, you are ensured of an efficient approach.