International practice

Increasingly, entrepreneurs are conducting business across national borders. To cover these situations, MannaertsAppels has specialised in international law. In our international law practice, we provide advice and can litigate regarding distribution and agency agreements, commercial contracts and general terms and conditions. We also handle asset deals, financing and share transactions relating to the purchase and sale of companies. You can turn to us for any international question.


Regulations and culture

Naturally, other countries have different laws and regulations than the Netherlands. We know these regulations and are up to date with the nuances of foreign legal systems. Additionally, we cooperate with various foreign parties abroad, thus providing an even better service for our clients. International law not only concerns the applicable laws; the cultural background in which business is being conducted is also important. We always investigate the culture of the country that we’re dealing with, thus allowing us to generate a good negotiation position.

Judicial and commercial involvement

Our approach in international situations is always thorough and pragmatic. We investigate opportunities for our clients to close their agreements as beneficially as possible. We always handle matters pragmatically, not only considering the judicial consequences of a decision, but the commercial interests of the entrepreneur. In this way, our clients are assured of an approach that is appropriate to their specific situation.


MannaertsAppels is a member of Eurojuris, the largest European network of law firms. Eurojuris has participating offices in more than 50 countries inside and outside of Europe. The network provides us with direct access to numerous foreign offices, allowing us to reach an abundance of local knowledge, necessary for the adequate defence of our client’s needs abroad.